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You choose and you cut price

(hand saws provided)
  • Pine Trees...........$7.50 per foot
  • Fir Trees............$10.50 per foot
  • Blue Spruce..........$10.50 per foot
**$5 added charge if we cut**
(--The ol' back ain't as good as it used to be--)

Limit: No more than 2 (TWO) trees per household.


  • A 'choose and cut' tree is the freshest tree possible. (Pre-cut trees on lots are harvested in early November.)
  • A mechanical shaker is available to dislodge any dead needles. (All conifers shed some in Fall).
  • A tree baler is available to net your tree. (This makes it easier to transport and get inside your house.)
  • Free twine is provided for tying down trees to your car roof. (But it is recommended that you bring your own cargo straps. Ideally, the best transport is a pickup truck unless you are buying a small tree.)
EDITORIAL: Most places spray pigment on their trees to make them look fresher. We don't because our trees ARE fresh.

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